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#ThePAC is a family based brand originally started in 2014. A group of youngsters with ideas with nothing but the world 🌎 in front of them...staying true to themselves , and not allowing society to change what they stood for. 

7 years later they still stand on their ten toes and face what the world is throwing at them With viruses 🦠...not just Covid but what the world allows us to see. Covid, political beliefs as well as clout. The main POV about #ThePAC has always been “walking in faith and not fear”. No weapon against me shall form. 

As well as giving the younger generation game on how they make it in this life being Positive & Confident. Taking their Power, Awareness, and Control. And creating their own narrative on creating their own world, being their own politicians and having their own security purposes  #ThePAC is more than a clothing brand.


Every member has their own art. Whether it be clothing, photography, music etc. We are proud to officially present to you 



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